Vacherie Bar

Local cured or smoked meat, house pickles, crackers, and cheese board: Local Andouille chips and hog’s head cheese, pimento cheese, hot pickled vegetables, and crackers  13

Shrimp and Avocado Ceviche with House Crackers: Louisiana shrimp, ripe avocado, tomato, shallots, fresh lime  10

Crab gratin: Louisiana blue crab sautéed with shallots, green onions, vermouth, parmesan, and cream, broiled and served with French bread • ramekin 10 • skillet 13

Gritcake and collards: Pan-fried pimento cheese gritcake over fresh collard greens smothered with smoked pork belly  8

Broiled Brussels sprouts with bacon vinaigrette: Farm fresh Brussels sprouts and applewood smoked bacon sautéed and broiled with bacon vinaigrette in a black iron skillet  8

Hot and sweet pecans: Riverbend Farms Pecans seasoned with cayenne, salt, Steen’s syrup, cane sugar, and chili powder, and toasted  5

Sausage sliders with pickled onions: Three fresh-ground pork patties, seasoned with green onions, pepper, and salt, topped with house pickled onions, on toasted rolls  9

Blackened alligator bites with tartar sauce • 10

Black Pepper crusted beef tenderloin with Horseradish Sauce • 14

Yam chips with hot vinegar  • 4