Vacherie Breakfast

Fried green tomatoes with mixed greens, and homemade remoulade • 7

Spinach salad with tomatoes, red onion, smoked pork belly, bacon vinaigrette, topped with a poached egg • 13

Crawfish frittata with Louisiana crawfish, green onions, fontina cheese, and eggs, potatoes or grits, choice of bread • 15

Andouille hash: local Andouille sausage, diced potatoes, diced onions, red peppers, green onions, topped with poached eggs and Hollandaise, choice of bread • 13

Johnnycakes: cornmeal pancakes served with Steen’s cane syrup and toasted pecans • 10

Boudin Benedict: two boudin patties, smothered collards, poached eggs, Creole hollandaise, grits or potatoes • 13

Eggs Benedict: toasted english muffin, grilled tomatoes, grilled ham, poached eggs, creole hollandaise, choice of potatoes or grits • 14

Steak and eggs: flatiron steak sliced, two eggs any style, choice of potatoes or grits, choice of bread  • 17

Breakfast bread pudding: French bread, smoked sausage, cheddar, brabant potatoes, and eggs baked in a casserole • 12

Granola, yogurt, seasonal fruit • 11

Steel-cut Irish oatmeal with golden raisins, walnuts, brown sugar, and apples • 11

Continental: pastry or bread, fresh fruit, coffee or hot tea, and juice • 9

Two-egg breakfast with meat, grits or potatoes, choice of bread • 10

Fried green tomato breakfast: two fried green tomatoes, two eggs your way, choice of meat, choice of grits or potatoes, choice of bread • 12

Croque Madame: sourdough bread, sliced ham, Swiss cheese, Dijon mustard, Gruyere béchamel, grits or potatoes, broiled and topped with a sunnyside egg • 12

Eggs Lecaze: sliced hog’s head cheese served atop an open-faced biscuit, topped with poached eggs and Hollandaise • 13

Omelet of the Day: Fresh ingredients daily, served with potatoes or grits and your choice of bread • mkt


Grits • 3

Two Eggs • 4

Potatoes • 4

Bacon • 4

Smoked Sausage • 4

Oatmeal • 5

Fruit • 5

Biscuits • 4

Collards • 4

Toast • 3

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